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Art Advisory Services

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New York - Greenwich - Venice

Providing advice to clients regarding the formation, installation and maintenance of art collections

Douglas Lederman, Principal

Raised in a family of collectors and art historians, Douglas Lederman holds both a bachelor’s degree in art history and Renaissance studies and a law degree from Columbia University and has provided advice for individual clients and trusts in New York, Greenwich, Boston, London, Rome and Venice regarding their art collecting activities.   He has additionally provided pro-bono legal services to emerging artists and not-for-profit arts organizations and served as curator for a group show of recently graduated MFA painting majors.*   His early art historical studies concentrated on Italian Renaissance art under Professors Howard Hibbard, James Beck and Howard Davis, with later exploration into the field of modern and contemporary art in seminars which included the participation of such art criticism luminaries as Kirk Varnedoe, Arthur Danto, Rosalind Krauss and Meyer Shapiro.  Though a native New Yorker, he has spent extended periods studying and living in Rome, Venice, Florence, and London.   

*Persistence of Painting, Sloan Fine Arts, New York City, 2010.  Catalogue available.

Audrey Sundheimer, co-principal


Audrey studied art history at Sarah Lawrence College, Barnard College and Columbia University with eminent scholars and practicing artists.  She interned at various galleries early in her career and then formed her own interior design business in 1985, working primarily in the New York City, Greenwich and Boston areas.  She has also overseen projects internationally and even at sea.   Audrey’s eye for placement of art and the creation of the overall environment in which that art will “live” is impeccable.


Peter Lederman, co-principal


Peter studied art history and architectural history at Columbia University, graduating from Columbia College in 2007.  He carries on the work of the firm into the next generation and brings a skilled and knowledgeable eye to experimental and conceptual art, along with more traditional mediums.  Living in Brooklyn, Peter is able to maintain a close eye on developments in the boroughs of NYC where young artists are currently living and working, as well as the more traditional venues of Chelsea, Soho and Tribecca, along with the East Village and the Lower East Side in Manhattan.  He has additionally lived and studied in Venice, Italy, and spent considerable time traveling to numerous European and Latin American locales.